I always tell people that becoming an entrepreneur has been the biggest personal growth experience of my life. I have had to learn so many new skills and overcome a lot of fears to get to where I am today.
I have acquired more bankable skills in the past 3 years as a business owner than I did in 7 years. The main reason is that I had no other choice. If I did not develop new skills quickly, I would have probably had to fold my business. A short list of skills I have picked up along the way include professional speaking, professional coaching, product development, web development, search engine optimization, professional audio recording, video blogging. When I look back, I am truly amazed at how much I’ve been able to learn in a relatively short period of time. I look at other entrepreneurs I work with and they have all had similar experiences.

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When you are building a business, you are often thrown head first into scenarios that you may or may not be mentally prepared for. It can be down right scary especially if you are accustomed to sitting behind a desk never having to try new things.

When I first went full time in my business, one of my offerings was a professional goal setting workshop. I had run a few of these workshops with smaller test groups to develop my content and get it ready for prime time. My plan was to have at least 10 small sessions under my belt before taking contract work. When a contract opportunity came up after only 2 practice sessions, I had no choice but to take the work. It was my first big deal. While delivering the presentation to about 75 professional health care workers, a couple of ladies in the middle of the room took exception with some of my content. They began challenging me in front of the entire audience and questioning the basis of my exercise. Without going into details, I was able to deal with them pretty well considering my lack of experience but I was absolutely terrified on the inside and sweating through my shirt on the outside. It was a great example of trial by fire. I learned very quickly how to deal with a tough audience.

Are you prepared to face similar learning experiences?

Ability to solve problems that bother you.
When I think of a business owner I think of someone who solves problems for people in exchange for a profit. Every successful business I see today was built around a problem that needed an innovative solution.

As a business owner you can separate yourself from people who sit around complaining about the state of the world talking about how someone needs to fix everything that is wrong. You can become part of the solution instead. You can look at a problem that really bothers you and fix it. I was really tired of talking to business owners who had been abandoned by their web programmers and left feeling very frustrated. I created a program that completely removed this problem and put the power back in the hands of the business owner. It has been extremely well received by my clients.

Here you will develop the skill to take on any challenge. Starting with a new mindset: You’ll be able to focus on your true passion. Figure out what drive you to success. Have the opportunity to drive yourself to the as far up the ladder as you want. You’ll develop the skills of the Multi-millionaire before you. Just be patient and be absolutely certain about what it is that you truly want for yourself.